"The Grinch"- Information

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time for our Christmas Concert. This year we are excited to present “The Grinch.”

Tickets will go on Sale at the studio on Sat. November 2, from 8-10:30. They are $10 a piece.

• Our performance is at Manatee High School, Saturday, December 7th @ 2:00

Dress Rehearsal is @ Manatee High, Saturday, Dec 7th from 9:30-12:30. All dancers will arrive at 9:30 and we will rehearse the Nativity. Then we will rehearse the show in numerical order. You may leave after your last number is finished rehearsing. (Please bring a cell phone or use mine.)

Cast call is as close to 1:00 as possible. I realize the last few numbers rehearsing will need to get a quick bite to eat or bring lunch (to be eaten outside)

• When you return please arrive in full STAGE make-up with your hair done.

Please remember, there is absolutely no food or drink in the auditorium and dressing rooms. This includes the audience as well.

We’ll use costumes from last year’s recital, or, will be creating costumes. Borrowed costumes & nativity costumes must be returned immediately following the performance. If I have asked to borrow your outfit, it would be helpful if you please drop it by the studio during your next class. This will enable me to see if I have enough of the proper sizes. I will transport them to the show & home. (NAME inside)

Following the Christmas Concert, there will be regular classes for the older classes that will not be performing at the retirement homes until December 21. We will be traveling with the younger classes to the retirement homes, so younger classes will not meet the week of Dec. 16-20.

Christmas Vacation is December 22. December tuition is 3 weeks.

Classes will resume on Jan 6, 2020.

If you pay full December tuition I will credit it towards spring recital costumes.

Just a reminder, the Spring Concert is May 30th – Rehearsal is May 29th.

Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


____You will use last year’s costume(s) BALLET JAZZ

____ May we borrow your costume from last year’s recital. Please bring it to your next class /name Inside. We will return it after the holidays. THANKS!

____ I will have an outfit for your child at the show. You will provide tights & shoes. Please leave the costume on the hanger, on the rack after the show.

____ Your child will use: suntan tights. Ballet shoes

jazz shoes Black jazz pants Black Jazz Shorts

Your own green top Your own red top Your own black top

Hair in Bun No Bangs Hair ½ up ½ Down French Braid

___ We are asking you to create a costume from Please don’t buy anything

The girls should look like one of the “Who’s” If you google How the Grinch Stole Christmas the musical, you’ll see some Ideas.

Bright colors – Hot pink – Florescent green – Red – Polk-a-dots - Stripes - Tutu

Skirts – Capri’s – Hair bows – striped or polka dotted tights – gloves – etc.

Please bring anything you have or are willing to lend, to your next class so we can help supply pieces.

Christmas Helpers

I am willing to help with

_____ Handing out Programs/ Collecting tickets

_____ I will assist my child’s class in the dressing area

(Backstage helpers are needed for all age groups. Not only is this for security, but with all the excitement we sometimes experience a bit of “DRAMA” and it helps to have a parent there to calm the tension)

Name ________________________________________

Phone # ___________________________