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"Scrooge" - Information

Christmas Concert

• Tickets will go on Sale at the studio on Sat. November 12, from 8-10:30. They are $10 a piece.

Our performance is at Manatee High School, Sunday, December 11th @ 2:30

Dress Rehearsal is @ Manatee High, Sunday, Dec 11th from 10:00- until the girls last class dance is completed. 

All dancers will arrive at 9:45 and we will rehearse the Nativity @ 10:00.

Then we will rehearse the show in numerical order starting at @ 10:45

You may leave after your last number is finished rehearsing.

Please bring a cell phone or use mine.

• Cast call is at 1:30. I realize the last few numbers rehearsing will need to get a quick bite to eat or bring lunch (to be eaten outside)

• When you return, please arrive in full STAGE make-up with your hair done.

Please remember, there is absolutely no food or drink in the auditorium and dressing rooms. This includes the audience as well.

We’ll use costumes from last year’s recital, or we will be creating costumes. Borrowed costumes & nativity costumes must be returned the following week during your class. If I have asked to borrow your outfit, it would be helpful if you please drop it by the studio during your next class. (NAME INSIDE) This will enable me to see if I have enough of the proper sizes. I will return them the week after the holidays.

After the Christmas Concert, we will have regular classes until December 17th. We will be hosting open houses for the younger classes the Week of December 13-17.

Christmas Vacation is December 18. December tuition is 2 weeks.

Classes will resume on Jan 10, 2022. January Tuition is 3 weeks.

If you pay full December tuition, I will credit it towards spring recital costumes.

Just a reminder, the Spring Concert is June 3rd

 – Rehearsal is June 1st or 2nd

Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.