It’s Christmas and the best time of the year to bring joy to others. Every Christmas your children have delighted so many of our elderly by doing a short sweet Christmas program. I know many are thankful to be able to give back to the people that have given so much to us. 

Your child will participate in the show circled below. It is necessary to keep the audience to a minimum. I know it is a HUGE sacrifice for the families not to be able to bring the entire family, but I hope you’ll understand how it would be overwhelming showing up with so many people. Please feel free to bring video cameras so you can share your child’s performance & carpool if possible. We will also do a show for the parents and guests the week after the Retirement homes. Please have family members attend this one. 

• Children should pull hair back and wear a little make-up!

• Please let me know if your child is unable to attend & I can adjust partners.

• We’ll use costumes from last year’s recital, or, I’ll borrow an outfit for you

• You’ll get & return it @ the show-we’ll use it again in the next performance 

I may need to borrow your costume from last year’s recital to help with wardrobe for another show. If I have asked to borrow your outfit, could you please drop it by (ASAP) to the studio any day (name inside, no headpieces) I will transport them to the show. I will return after Christmas. Thanks so much for your help! 😊 

Children will meet at their location about 30 minutes prior to the performance. Afternoon shows are close to school release, so please just make it ASAP. Pre–schoolers need only bring ballet shoes and appropriate tights, because most places are carpeted or very slippery so we will not use tap shoes. 

The week of their shows we will not have regular class, only performances. Christmas Vacation is December 22 & will resume on Jan 5, 2020. December tuition is 3 weeks. If you pay full tuition I will credit it towards spring recital costumes. 

Thank you in advance and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Just a reminder, the Spring Concert is May 30th and rehearsal is May 29th .

Monday, Dec. 9th Monday, Dec. 9th

ARRIVE @ 3:15 / Show - 3:45 

West Minster Shores 

1700 – 3rd Avenue 

Classes below will be in this show 

Monday 2:00 (A)Conyers- Musso -Gross-Marin- Chavez - Chadsey

Tuesday 3:45 Group (A) Pye, Fitzpatrick, Oliver, Hoard, Mc Clure, Nance

Wednesday 2:00 (A) Barnett, Beal, Petreas, Toomey

Monday, Dec. 9th Monday, Dec. 9th

 ARRIVE @ 5:30 SHOW – 6:00

 West Minster Towers(Rotunda Room)

 1533 4 Avenue- Enter on North side

 Classes below will be in this show

 Monday 2:00 (B) Buskirk - Bower- Grimes – Elmore

 Wednesday 3:45 (B) Medano, Malkovich, Procyk, Zuppa, Eason

Wednesday 2:00 (B)Mixon, Dowell, Earnest, Kaleta

Tuesday Dec. 10th 

Arrive 3:30 - Showtime 3:45 

Westminster Manor

 Classes below will be in this show

 Friday 3:45( A) Varnadore – Collins – Pinhero – Turner

Wednesday 3:45 Group (A) Bailey, Lester, Fannin, Chaplinsky, Morin, Muise

Thursday 2:00 (All) ENTIRE CLASS

Wednesday December 11th

 Arrive at 3:45 – Showtime 4:00

Brook Dale (Behind Mc Donalds)

450 – 67 Street West

 Classes below will be in this show

Tuesday 2:00 ENTIRE CLASS

Tuesday 3:45 (B) Enander, Mcilwaine, Holt, Bourgoing, Bankert, Vann, Biggers

Friday 3:45 (B) Monroe – Kaleta – Hager - Clark