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Younger Christmas Open Houses

It’s Christmas and the best time of the year to bring joy to others. This year we will be having open houses during the girl’s regular classes. This will happen the week of December 13, 2022.

Please feel free to bring Grandma & Grandpa if they wish. Feel free to bring video cameras so you can share your child’s performance with those unable to attend.

Children should pull hair back and wear a little make-up if they wish.

Please let me know if your child is unable to attend & I can adjust dances

We’ll use costumes from last year’s recital, 


I’ll supply the costumes which you’ll receive and return that same day. We’ll use it again in the next class.

I may need to borrow your costume from last year’s recital to help with wardrobe for another show.

 If I have asked to borrow your outfit, could you please drop it by (ASAP) to the studio any day 

(Name inside, no headpieces)

Children will meet at their regular time. Then we’ll have some cookies and punch.

Preschoolers need ballet shoes, tap shoes, & suntan tights.

____May we please borrow your costume from last year’s recital. You can bring it at any time during the next few weeks. If you child will be using the same costume. I will have it ready for her class time. However please leave it with me because it may be needed in another show. We will return it after the holidays. THANK YOU!!!

Just a reminder, the Spring Concert is June 3rd

 Rehearsal is June 1st or 2nd.