Grinch Rehearsal

• Tickets are still on sale and will be on sale at the door. They are $10 each.

• There are few extra t-shirts for sale $26.00

• Videos on sale $27


• Dress Rehearsal is @ Manatee High Sat. Dec. 7

 Arrive @ 9:00. We’ll start with the Nativity AT 9:30.

• We will practice Nativity twice

• We will rehearse the show in numerical order.

• You may leave after your last number is finished rehearsing. (Bring a cell phone) 

If you live out east, you may not have time to return home before the show.


• Cast call for the performers is 1:00

• Arrive in FULL STAGE make-up & hair done.


• No food or drink in the auditorium or dressing rooms. This also includes the audience.

• Return borrowed costumes next week in class.

• Classes will be held until Dec. 22. Younger classes will be @ retirement homes Dec. 9-12.

• Christmas Vacation is Dec 22 through Jan 5, 2020. 

Thank you in advance & I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

• DVD’s must be ordered this week (745-9000) $20 stream   -   with a DVD $25

Spring Concert May 31 / Rehearsal May 30.