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Rehearsal Information

THURSDAY, June 2- Rehearsal Times Below

Rehearsal is at Manatee High School in costume

Please be ready to begin at _(See times below)____ 

.Your child will be done approximately ______________

You should arrive about 15 minutes earlier than this time so you can navigate where you’re going & get dressed.

Rehearsal time: THURSDAY - June 2nd @ Manatee High School

Show is Saturday - June 4th. All information is on

The rehearsal times are an ESTIMATE, please be patient. It is a dress rehearsal in costume. All students must attend the rehearsal. If they miss rehearsal, they are unfamiliar, and it throws the entire class off. 

Rehearsal is closed for students & helpers only, no parents please. There is a lobby in front of the auditorium where parents may wait. 

Drop your child backstage with their class. Enter across from the football stadium, then follow the signs to your room. Many studios have the students remain the entire rehearsal. I have approximated times and try my best to stay close to those times. If there is a problem, I must spend a bit more time with that class. Please be patient with the volunteers, they are there to help your child – Remember we’re all there for the benefit of our children. 



Memorial Day classes are rescheduled as follows

Monday 2:00 please attend Tuesday 2:00-3:00 (May 31)

Monday 3:45 please attend Tuesday 1:00-2:00 (June 1st)

Monday 4:45 please attend Tuesday 4:45-6:15 (May 31)

Rehearsal is on Thursday, so we rescheduled Thursday classes.

Thursday 3:45, please attend Wednesday 11:00 -12:00 (June 1st)

Thursday 4:45, please attend Wednesday 4:45-5:15 (June 1st)

Thursday 6:30, please attend Wednesday 9:30-11:00 (June 1st)

Dance shoes – Some of the students have grown into their ballet slippers and their strings can be taken out of the shoe SO THEY DON’T TRIP. Others have outgrown their shows. Please check with your child. Last names should be inside of the shoes

DVD – One of the greatest learning tools is the video stream of the recital. They’ll watch it over & over. Video stream it is $25. PLEASE ORDER NOW. Checks are made payable to Tracey Vita’s School of Dance. Be courteous to others, don’t use a tablet to record the show. The lighted screen disturbs others.

Rehearsal Reminders – Thursday, June 2.

 Dress your child in their first costume and leave them with the stage mother.

 Use an OLD pair of tights for rehearsal

 No food or drinks are permitted in the theater or backstage.

 No make-up is needed for the rehearsal.

 Let the children bring a small game or coloring book to stay occupied.

Show Day-

 June 4, 2022-  Show A- 1:00- Show B-4:00.

 Wear stage make up, including RED lipstick. Stage lights tend to wash out the students faces.

 No flash photography during shows. Flashes inter-fear with the video &children’s concentration.

 Cast call for the show is 1 hour prior to show

 Father - daughter dance, “Forever Now” rehearses 30 minutes prior to the show (curtain closed)

 Father - daughter dance, “Find Your Wings,” rehearses 45 minutes prior to the show (curtain closed)

 I ask that you stay for the entire show. Students have worked so hard &it is discouraging to have people walk out while you’re performing. All cast members are in the finale, and we need you there.

 Pick your child up where you dropped them off. (Please only moms in the dressing room!)

 Remember to re-register for next year